Workforce transformation

Through a number of projects SHPA is working to transform the pharmacy profession and enable a workforce that has the capacity and flexibility to rise to the challenge of an ever-changing healthcare system. Current projects include: 

National and International Pharmacy and Health Workforce Reports

FIP Global Vision for Education and Workforce and Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals
The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) publishes a global vision for education and workforce linking to current global health and health education policy.providing guidance to all FIP member organisations (including SHPA) on the anticipated health challenges of the future. The Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals (PWDGs) provide strategic guidance to SHPA's workforce transformation initiatives, and projects are directly aligned with specific PWDGs.  

Other reports

Transforming Our Workforce, FIP (2016)
Workforce development, planning and intelligence are key issues for global healthcare reform. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated there is no possibility of healthcare delivery without a corresponding capable and competent workforce; universal healthcare coverage is not possible without a fully functional health care workforce. 

Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation: Discussion Paper, July 2016King S, Scott B, Watson J.     
Discussion paper looking at the role of community pharmacy and pharmacists in the delivery of primary health care to the Australian community, both now and into the future. 

Advanced Practice and Specialization in Pharmacy: Global Report, FIP (2015)
Report addressing specialisation and advanced practice policy and implementation at country level, in various countries based on a study they conducted. Summarised document: Key Findings of the FIP Advanced Practice and Specialisation in Pharmacy

FIP Global Pharmacy Workforce Intelligence: Trends Report 2015, FIP (2015)
The first publication of its kind to provide a baseline on the current growing global trend, regarding capacity building and pharmacist numbers.

Impact of an expanded ward pharmacy technician role on service-delivery and workforce outcomes in a subacute aged care service, Elliott RA, Perera D, Mouchaileh N,  Antoni R, Woodward M, Tran T, Garrett K.
An evaluation of the impact of the expanded WPT role on the pharmacy workforce, delivery of pharmacy services and staff and patient satisfaction. 

Building upon pharmacists’ practice in Australia: A vision for the profession (2014)
Statement endorsing pharmacists as leading healthcare professionals in medication management, sets out the principles that underlie the focus, nature and quality of their practice and provides guidance for the advancement of their practice through integrated development of a range of key enabling domains. 

Pharmacy Workforce Recruitment and Retention: an Australian Area Health Service PerspectiveGarrett T.
Study investigating factors influencing the recruitment and retention of pharmacy staff within the Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Service.