What is ANZCAP? 

The Australian and New Zealand College of Advanced Pharmacy (ANZCAP) is a landmark recognition program for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians working across Australia and New Zealand, developed by the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) in partnership with the New Zealand Hospital Pharmacy Association (NZHPA).

ANZCAP provides a platform for practitioners to track and manage their careers towards three progressive levels: Resident, Registrar and Consultant (Fellow).  

ANZCAP empowers participants with transferable recognition, via post-nominals and digital certification, which is understood nationally by employers and peers, healthcare colleagues and patients receiving care. 

How does ANZCAP work? 

Initial access to ANZCAP is via the Foundation Program (October 2023), through which pharmacists can submit evidence of their prior professional program for recognition. 

ANZCAP is based on an intuitive digital platform that will enable pharmacists and technicians to seamlessly record evidence of their experience and expertise (opening November 2023). Participants can collate recognition portfolios aligned with one or two of 40 specialty disciplines (Registrar and Consultant recognition), and custom portfolios for personal and professional use.

ANZCAP will include formalised fast-track education programs, to Resident and Registrar recognition (from 2024).

Will ANZCAP allow recognition for prior experience and current expertise? 

Yes! ANZCAP will recognise prior professional experience through Foundational Membership, available until April 2024. This does not require the completion of a portfolio.

Who can participate in ANZCAP? 

ANZCAP has an inclusive structure that is fit for current practice, equitable and open to all pharmacy practitioners working in Australia and New Zealand. 

ANZCAP is designed to empower pharmacists and technicians as they advance in their careers or move between workplace settings. 

Additional ANZCAP programs will be added in early 2024, including to support and recognise the career progression and specialisation of pharmacy technicians.

Where do I begin? 

The ANZCAP platform will be available to Australian practitioners in October 2023, and to New Zealand practitioners in November 2023. Practitioners working outside Australia and New Zealand will have access from 2024.

Access to ANZCAP will be free as an SHPA and/or NZHPA member benefit, or via direct ANZCAP membership.

For more information visit the ANZCAP Help Centre.