Neuromuscular blocker storage chart

Neuromuscular blockers are paralysing agents used in anaesthetics and critical care settings. Most require refrigerated storage (2 - 8°C).

If neuromuscular blockers are not used after they have been removed from refrigeration, they SHOULD NOT be returned to the refrigerator. Instead their storage conditions and expiry date need to be adjusted.

The SHPA Surgery and Perioperative Medicine Leadership Committee has developed the Neuromuscular Blocker Storage Chart (link below) to guide hospitals on adjusted storage and expiry for neuromuscular blockers that have been removed from the refrigerator for use, but not then used. 

This chart is not intended for use in the management of a fridge temperature excursion; if this occurs you should contact your pharmacist for advice.

PLEASE NOTE: advice for amended expiry and storage conditions may change frequently as different brands and suppliers become available. Note the effective dates on the chart and re-visit this page for an updated version each quarter (March, June, September and December).

CURRENT version:  effective dates 1 June 2024 - 1 September 2024 .

Please direct any questions to the SHPA Specialty Practice team