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SHPA’s Accredited Pharmacists Network is dedicated to supporting and empowering pharmacist expertise for every patient, at the bedside, clinic or home.

Important update - 29 April 2024

SHPA has received the following update from the Depertment of Health and Aged Care.

The Department of Health and Aged Care (the Department) has confirmed the current transition period for Medication Management Review (MMR) Credentialed (previously known as accredited) Pharmacists will be further extended to 30 June 2025.

This extension provides MMR credentialed pharmacists with additional transition time to meet the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) standards via undertaking an APC accredited MMR recognition of prior learning process or training program.

This extension will also ensure MMR services can continue to be claimed, and recipients of medication reviews are not impacted.

Based on this, for Home Medicines Review (HMR) / Residential Medication Management Review (RMMR) claiming purposes, the following Medication Review Numbers (MRNs) will remain valid until 30 June 2025, or until an updated MRN has been issued as a result of undertaking an APC accredited MMR recognition of prior learning process or training program, whichever occurs sooner:

  • Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP) MRNs that were in effect as of 31 December 2022 (i.e. those pharmacists who had not let their AACP MRN accreditation lapse prior to 31 December);
  • Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) MRNs;
  • Australasian College of Pharmacy (ACP) MRNs; and
  • Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) MRNs.

Please note, as per the current process in the PPA Portal, if a MMR Credentialed Pharmacist transfers to a new training provider and receives a new MRN through that training provider, they will need to use the new number provided when claiming HMR/RMMRs.

The Department will continue to work collaboratively with key stakeholders regarding a smooth transition and will provide updates where possible.

For further details on how this may affect a MMR Credentialed Pharmacists current accreditation or recent transfer, please visit the FAQ section of the HMR and RMMR program pages on PPA’s website.

The Department has also advised further information about transition of credentialing for the Aged Care On-Site Pharmacist Measure on-site pharmacist role will be made available soon.

Further update on accreditation - March 2023

SHPA has received the following update from the Department of Health and Ageing in response to questions asked by one of the professional bodies.

1. All existing Accredited Pharmacists (to be now known as ‘Credentialed Pharmacists’) who have successfully completed accreditation training with AACP, PSA or ACP will be grandfathered into the new ‘Credentialed Pharmacists’ arrangements and will continue to be eligible to participate in the RMMR and HMR programs into the future.
As you are aware the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) are currently in the process of developing accreditation standards. Please note that while the APC are developing the standards, AACP Medication Review Numbers (MRNs) that were valid as of 31 December 2022 will remain valid until 30 June 2023 within the Pharmacy Programs Administrator (PPA) Portal. This date is likely to be extended. This will ensure currently Accredited Pharmacists may continue to utilise their existing AACP Accreditation details to deliver 7CPA pharmacy programs facilitated by the PPA.

All existing accredited pharmacists, and those accredited prior to the new arrangements taking effect, will be grandfathered to become credentialled pharmacists for delivering RMMR and HMR services. Should the APC identify a gap between the previous standard for accreditation and the new standard for credentialling then a transitional period may be needed for grandfathered pharmacists to complete a small bridging module or demonstrate their ongoing professional development activities satisfy the requirements. The Department will be guided by the advice from APC and the Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) on this matter.

2. Once the new ‘Accreditation Standard’ being developed by the Pharmacy Council is published, education training providers will have two months to update their training to the new ‘Accreditation Standard’ (anticipated to be in July 2023).

Once the Accreditation standards have been developed and published by the APC (anticipated to be in July 2023) education training providers will need to update their training programs, preferably as soon as possible. Specific details of an expected time frame for training providers to update their training packages to the new standard have yet to be finalised, and will be informed by APC’s EAC and Consultation process. This will be communicated by the APC and Department in due course, at the earliest possible time.

3. As soon as one education training provider has demonstrated to the Pharmacy Council that its ‘Credentialed Pharmacists’ training has met the new ‘Accreditation Standard’, the old, accredited training programs will cease to be a valid pathway to being a ‘Credentialed Pharmacist’ and training providers will need to transition their learners to a new APC approved ‘Credentialed Pharmacists’ training program.

I confirm that it is the Department’s intent for all previously offered accredited training programs to cease being a valid pathway to being a Credentialed Pharmacist once the new standard is in effect. To be considered a Credentialed Pharmacist for the purpose of 7CPA Pharmacy Programs, and other future measures requiring a Credentialed Pharmacist, relevant training must be completed through an APC approved training provider. To be considered an APC approved training provider, organisations must offer accreditation training courses that have been confirmed by APC as aligning with the new standards. It will be the responsibility of training providers to ensure they meet the standards and obtain this approval from APC. From a pharmacist’s perspective, once the standards are in place, the only valid way to become a credentialed pharmacist will be to complete Credentialed Pharmacists training that complies with the standards, through an approved training organisation.

Update on accreditation - February 2023

The Department of Health and Aged Care has engaged the Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) to develop accreditation standards and an accreditation system for training programs that will credential pharmacists to work in aged care and/or conduct medication management reviews. The APC expects to have the accreditation system developed by July 2023.

As a consequence of this, SHPA will defer the launch of our new credentialing pathways until after the release of the accreditation standards. This will allow us to be sure they meet the standards and therefore don’t create additional work for pharmacists undertaking the course.

SHPA is currently unable to provide any information on whether the existing BCGP/BCPS pathway to accreditation will meet the new accreditation standards. Pharmacists currently working towards either of these certifications as a pathway to accreditation are advised to contact the SHPA accreditation team on

SHPA has been invited to be part of the Expert Advisory Group for these standards and will work with our Transitions of Care and Primary Care and Geriatric Medicine Speciality Practice Leadership Committees along with our Accredited Pharmacist members to ensure their views are represented in the development process.

Pharmacists accredited with AACP who wish to transfer their accreditation to SHPA are still welcome to do so – there are no changes to the current process.

View our reference flowchart showing all current accreditation and membership options supporting SHPA’s growing community of Accredited Pharmacists:

Open flowchart

If you have any questions, contact our accreditation team via email


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SHPA Recognition Process for AACP Accredited Pharmacists

Please see FAQs below for information on SHPA membership and transferring and retaining your accreditation.

No, if you are currently accredited by AACP to perform medication reviews and wish to transfer to SHPA, you can do so for a one off cost of $390 (inc GST).

Transfer your AACP accreditation

You can choose to join SHPA and transfer your AACP accreditation for no additional cost, plus you unlock the benefits of SHPA membership including access to

  • SHPA's specialty practice networks 
  • CPD planning and recording tool
  • extensive education programs
  • discounted access to SHPA's Medicines Management Confernce


In 2022/23 SHPA full pharmacist membership costs $594 (incl. GST).

When you join SHPA, you will need to provide your current AACP certificate.

If you are an SHPA member who would like to have their AACP accreditation recognised by SHPA, please complete the transfer form.

For annual re-accreditation all accredited pharmacists (SHPA and AACP) will need to provide:  

  • Evidence of current pharmacist registration with AHPRA 
  • Evidence of completing at least 60 CPD credits (of which no more than 10 credits are Group 1). 

No, there is no expectation that pharmacists accredited through AACP complete the BCGP or BCPS exam to maintain their accreditation with SHPA. 

As of the 1st July 2022, SHPA will not charge an annual re-accreditation fee.

All accredited pharmacists will be issued an SHPA accreditation number and an accreditation certificate and SHPA members will also be able to use the post-nominal AcSHP.  

Each year on completion of annual re-accreditation requirements, SHPA will issue a re-accreditation certificate.

No, as one of the recognised accrediting bodies, SHPA will provide your details to PPA so you can claim for providing reviews.