Pharmacy GRIT

Online ISSN: 2208-245X

Pharmacy Growth, Research, Innovation and Training (Pharmacy GRIT) is SHPA’s member journal, a high-quality hybrid of scientific content and feature articles, providing a fresh platform for publishing pharmacy research as well as feature articles and instructional papers to assist and inspire members. Officially citable, Pharmacy GRIT is the home of DrugScan, Medication Safety and Case Reports – complementing SHPA's flagship research journal, the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research (JPPR) – a unique platform exclusively available to members of SHPA to inspire and connect more widely. 

GRIT is for members and by members, with the regular sections and feature articles designed to promote greater collaboration and innovation. GRIT – even the title itself – represents the persistence, stamina and drive to focus on long-term goals, achieve career success and really make a difference in people’s lives.

It’s not enough to have talent. You need to have GRIT.

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Pharmacy GRIT - Special MM2022 edition

Pharmacy GRIT - Volume 5, Issue 4 (Summer 2021-22)

Pharmacy GRIT - Volume 5, Issue 3 (Spring 2021)

Pharmacy GRIT - Volume 5, Issues 1-2 (Autumn–Winter 2021 Special Issue)

Pharmacy GRIT - Volume 4, Issue 4 (Summer 2020-21)

Pharmacy GRIT - Volume 4, Issue 3 (Spring 2020)

Pharmacy GRIT - Volume 4, Issue 2 (Winter 2020)