Don't Rush to Crush

Included in the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s list of essential references for pharmacy practice, SHPA’s Don't Rush to Crush is Australia’s essential guide to safely administering oral medicines to people with enteral feeding tubes or swallowing difficulties. When giving tablets, capsules or oral liquids to these patients, healthcare professionals need answers to these questions:

  • Can I crush it?
  • Can I disperse it?
  • Can I open the capsule?
  • Is there a liquid formulation?
  • Is the liquid formulation suitable and safe for the person?
  • Can I give the injection orally?

The answers are available in Don’t Rush to Crush

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With every monograph comprehensively reviewed, the latest 4th edition includes more than 580 oral medicines with 40 new medicines as well as:

  • new information about the thickness of oral liquid medicines and their suitability for people with swallowing difficulties – more than 100 oral liquid medicines have been assessed against the International Dyshagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework

  • a new section about gastrointestinal dysfunction that provides guidance for giving medicines to people who have undergone gastrointestinal surgery, or who have altered gastrointestinal function.

Don’t Rush to Crush – 4th edition is available in the SHPA Bookshop or online through eMIMS, MIMS Online (1800 800 629) and AusDI (1300 118 120).


Don’t Rush to Crush is updated quarterly. View and print updated and new medicine monographs.

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The 4th edition of Don’t Rush to Crush now includes two patient information leaflets and a guide for nurses on preparing medicines using ENFit systems.

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Information to assist patients discharged with enteral feeding tubes. Provides useful information and easy-to-follow instructions for administering medications through an enteral tube.

How to prepare your medicines if you have difficulty swallowing

Useful information and easy-to-follow instructions for preparing and taking medicines for people with swallowing difficulties.

Preparing and giving medicine using ENFit® >

Useful information and step-by-step instructions to help measure and give liquid medicines using ENFit® in the inpatient setting. Provided by GESDA, ISMP and ASPEN.


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