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The St Vincent's Pharmacy Services team has approximately 80 EFT; including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and support staff. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively to aspire, achieve and innovate. Pharmacy services at St Vincent's are decentralised; providing services from nine pharmacy locations spread across the campus within medical, surgical and speciality patient treatment areas.  We strive to provide the highest standard for patient care, underpinned by a strong focus on evidence-based practice and medication safety.

Our clinical pharmacy team plays a pivotal role within the multidisciplinary health care team, delivering care in a patient-centric manner.  In addition to services provided on inpatient wards,  we also offer care via ambulatory/outpatient services, aseptic manufacturing, oncology production, medicines information, quality use of medicines (QUM), medication safety, antimicrobial stewardship, emergency medicine, partnered pharmacist medication charting, clinical trials, continuous quality improvement and practice research. 

We're committed to providing exceptional levels of undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacist training, together with comprehensive support programs for intern pharmacists and life-long teaching and education for our broader pharmacy team.  One of the ways St Vincent's Pharmacy Services achieve this is via site-based training and SHPA ClinCAT review to ensure competency of staff and safety for our patients.

Opportunities exist for young pharmacists to undertake a post-registration two-year residency program. Our residency program is aligned with the core principles of the SHPA residency curriculum and includes; surgical, operations, medical and elective rotations. The department is also involved with the education of medical, nursing and allied health staff.

The hospital has many specialist areas, including:

Cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, microsurgery, oncology, haematology, psychiatry, stroke, renal medicine including kidney transplantation, orthopaedic surgery, emergency medicine, intensive care, respiratory medicine, vascular, rehabilitation, immunology, biliary-lithotripsy, home medicines review, correctional health, addiction medicine, infectious diseases and neurosciences.

Intern program information

Seven intern positions are available in 2024.  The pre-registrant program at St Vincent's aims to provide a solid foundation and to facilitate a strong transition to practice as a skilled clinical pharmacists. Our interns are based at the Fitzroy campus. They also complete a one week rotation at St.George’s Hospital in Kew.

Campuses at which pharmacy interns will work:

  • St Vincent's Hospital – St Vincent's Hospital provides a wide range of medical, surgical, allied health and mental health services, including community, outreach, drug and alcohol and correctional health services. We are also a leading health care provider to Aboriginal patients for metropolitan Melbourne.  As a major teaching, research and tertiary referral centre, we are committed to providing the best possible patient care, servicing both our local and regional communities. The hospital is situated in Fitzroy on the fringe of Melbourne's central business district, bounded by Victoria Parade, Nicholson Street, Fitzroy Street and Gertrude Street.
  • St George's Hospital – St George's Health Service in Kew provides comprehensive rehabilitation and aged care service, including inpatient care, evaluation and management, transition care and day respite, residential aged care, acute aged psychiatry, as well as a broad range of community-based assessment and treatment services.

Every intern undergoes a one-week orientation and induction to St Vincent's Pharmacy Services. Following this the Intern Pharmacist rotations include:

  • Clinical ward areas including: General Medicine (3-week rotation), cardiology and cardiothoracic unit (3-week rotation), neurology and nephrology (3-week rotation), gastroenterology (2-week rotation), psychiatry (1-week rotation), orthopaedic unit (3-week rotation), aged care (1-week rotation to St. George's Hospital Campus), emergency medicine (3-week rotation), intensive care (1- week rotation) and antimicrobial stewardship (1-week rotation).
  • Dispensary (3-week rotation)
  • Aseptic preparations (3-week rotation)
  • Medication safety / Medicines information (3-week rotation).

NB: some rotations repeat throughout the year. (See sample 2023 Intern workplace roster below)

2023 Intern workplace roster

2023 Intern tutorial roster

Education and training

Weekly Tutorials:

  • The education program comprises of weekly intern education meetings. A range of clinical topics are covered. Clinical pharmacists who specialise in areas covered or interns (cover OTC topics that are allocated at the beginning of the year for update of our in-house OTC booklet) present during these sessions (see sample 2023 Intern tutorial roster below).

Practice Exams:

  • Multiple practice exams are provided during the year to help interns prepare for exams; these include both written and oral exams.

Intern Foundation Program:

  • St Vincent's is accredited to offer the Intern Foundation Program (IFP).  Currently, all seven 2023 pharmacist interns are participating in this program.

Practice Research & Innovation

  • Each intern will develop research and innovation skills by doing a practice-based research project. The St Vincent's Pharmacy team will meet to help identify and assist intern pharmacists with these research projects.

If you would like to join a team that seeks to drive innovative change in the pharmacy profession while raising your career to new heights, take the first step by contacting us for more information. See below for contact details. We look forward to hearing from you. If you are unable to attend our webinar, please contact us for a recorded copy of the webinar to be made available to you.

Supervised hours and week-end work

  • Interns commence their hours in January. The regular weekday hours are 8am to 4.45pm (if working in the clinical areas) and 8.30am to 5.30pm when rostered to work in the outpatient department area. Each intern will also do a Saturday morning shift every 7 weeks. Saturday morning shift hours are 9am to 1pm (or until the work is finished). One or two public holiday shifts are also worked.

Information Session



Erini Mathiopoulos, Intern Co-ordinator
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Andrew Cording, Chief Pharmacist
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Helen Dixon, Deputy Chief Pharmacist
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Intern positions in 2024

  • 7 total (7 DHHS funded)