Residency Program accreditation

Accreditation to the SHPA Residency Programs ensures hospital sites have the commitment, capacity and capability to offer a broad range of practice-based experiences to pharmacy Residents. 

SHPA Residency accreditation gives sites access to the support and leadership they need to design and build curriculum relevant to theirs and their Residents’ needs.

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Accreditation Standards 

The SHPA Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Residency Programs have been revised and are comprised of:

  • Core Accreditation – for the health service and its pharmacy department to become an SHPA-accredited Residency Site
  • Program Approval* – for the SHPA-accredited Residency Site to deliver a residency pathway (Foundation Residency, Advanced Training Residency pathway).

*Sites currently accredited for Foundation Residency require only Program Approval to become an Advanced Training Residency site.


What are the SHPA Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Residency Programs?

The SHPA Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Residency Programs establish criteria for Residency Programs and pharmacy departments to ensure their residency commitment is consistent with SHPA’s requirements. They ensure that the environmental and programmatic settings for resident pharmacists are sufficient to achieve the relevant professional competencies in the delivery of patient-centred care and pharmacy services. Hospital pharmacy departments or other pharmacy service providers who have been accredited by SHPA to offer a Residency Program have demonstrated their compliance with the standards.

Why have the accreditation standards changed?

The launch of the SHPA Advanced Training Residencies (ATRs) means that the existing accreditation standards relevant to pharmacy department and Foundation Residency program accreditation need to be updated to reflect the implementation of this new program.

What are the changes?

The revised standards are comprised of two documents (outlining two stages of accreditation):

  1. Residency – Core Accreditation: is the accreditation of the site at which all residencies will be undertaken. It establishes the criteria a hospital pharmacy department must meet to become an SHPA-accredited Residency Site. A pharmacy department must demonstrate that the physical, departmental and cultural attributes of the department are aligned with SHPA’s standards with respect to staff development and education.
  2. Program Approval: is the accreditation of a specific Residency Program. It establishes the program-specific requirements for an SHPA-accredited Residency Site to deliver a residency pathway. This stage of accreditation determines whether a Residency Site’s program is suitable based on its compliance with program-specific attributes and requirements. Program Approval encompasses approval of any of the following:
      a. Foundation Residency program
      b. Individual ATR program pathways

How does SHPA accredit sites and programs?

Pharmacy departments wishing to become SHPA-accredited Residency Sites will submit an online application to SHPA for Core Accreditation and apply for the relevant Program Approval (Foundation Residency or an ATR pathway).

SHPA will review the submission and, if successful, grant Provisional Accreditation (valid for up to 24 months). Provisional Accreditation demonstrates that the Residency Site and its approved Residency Program have demonstrated compliance with the standards and the pharmacy department is able to implement the program.

At least 12 months after the first Resident has commenced, SHPA and the Residency Site will undertake the process for Full Accreditation – SHPA conducts a follow-up accreditation review to ensure the program is being delivered in accordance with standards (post-implementation). Full Core Accreditation may be granted for up to five years, plus Program Approval for:

  • Foundation Residency (for the duration of Full Core Accreditation), and/or
  • an ATR pathway (for the duration of the individual pathway).

Pharmacy departments or health services with a current SHPA accreditation for Foundation Residency granted prior to 2020 are not required to apply for Core Accreditation. The existing accreditation status will convert to Core Accreditation and Foundation Residency Program Approval. These Residency Sites wishing to implement an ATR pathway will need to submit an application for ATR Program Approval only.

Pharmacy departments may apply for Program Approval for as many different types of Residency Programs as is required.