Learning, Efficiency and Flexibility trial (LEAF)

At SHPA, we're committed to fostering a culture that values both professional excellence and personal well-being. As part of this commitment, we are participating in the Learning, Efficiency And Flexibility trial (LEAF), aimed at enhancing work-life balance for our dedicated staff.

The trial will see greater structure around the working week, with new protocols for meetings, communication and focus time to maximise our productivity while enabling greater flexibility for professional development and personal commitments.

During this trial period, you may notice some adjustments in the way we communicate and our availability. Our staff work across various time zones and locations, as such our response times and availability for meetings may change. 

We remain fully dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service to our valued members and stakeholders. While our work hours may vary during this trial, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we navigate this trial period together.

Thank you for your continued support and membership.