Information for authors

Contact us at any time via to discuss feature articles, instructional papers or guides, or anything else you’d like to share with your fellow members and the broader pharmacy profession!

Article types

Feature articles

SHPA members have their finger on the pulse at the leading edge of practice. Pharmacy GRIT welcomes feature articles, which do not require peer review, reflecting the contempory practice and experiences of pharmacists and technicians working in Australia today.

Research Reflection

'Research Reflection' is a new article type (~500 words) suitable for Residents and early career pharmacists getting started in research. Research Reflection articles are not peer reviewed and provide an opportunity to share your research experiences with the broader SHPA community.

Research Reflection articles are not suitable for reporting findings, but rather are intended as a more personal account. You are encouraged to reflect both on the research process itself and your experiences as a researcher. 

Letters to the Community

Letters to the Community is a place for members to share ideas and opinions with the rest of the Society — especially when you might not have any other forum where you can share these ideas and opinions. In the Pharmacy GRIT spirit, it is a place for boldness, innovation, and reports from the frontline of practice. Be candid and constructive — and be heard!

Reference Style

Pharmacy GRIT follows the referencing style of SHPA's flagship journal, the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research (JPPR).

Getting started in research

Pharmacy GRIT is part of SHPA's springboard into the rewarding world of academic publishing.

View our Getting started in research information hub on how SHPA supports members throughout their research career, including conducting and publishing research for the first time. The info hub — aimed at Early Career Pharmacists, Residents, Technicians, and pharmacy students beginning their research career — will help get your research started by outlining available research support resources and explaining the available publishing opportunities.