How to submit a Research Reflection

Research Reflection is a new short article type (~500 words), published in Pharmacy GRIT.

Research Reflection articles are not peer reviewed and provide an opportunity to share your research experiences with the broader SHPA community. Research Reflection articles are not suitable for reporting findings, but rather are intended as a more personal account. You are encouraged to reflect both on the research process itself and your experiences as a researcher. 

To get started writing your Research Reflection manuscript, consider the following:

  • What were the strengths of your research?
  • What challenges did you encounter?
  • What would you change next time? Why?
  • Did you try a method/analysis for the first time?
  • What did you gain as a researcher from this experience?
  • Are you better prepared to undertake future research? How?

You can address any of these questions directly in your Research Reflection manuscript. However, you do not have to address any of these specific questions. They are provided as writing prompts to get you started. Please use them only if you find them helpful.

View more information about Research Reflection articles, including submission requirements here.

As Pharmacy GRIT is a publication by members, and for members, you must be a SHPA member to publish in Pharmacy GRIT.